EGG-3DS is a unique 3DS emulator for iOS

In March 2023, the 3DS digital store was completely closed, and official support and maintenance were no longer provided. To ensure there digital legacies are not forgotten, we introduced EGG-3DS. This app allows IOS users to exprience the fun of thousands of classice games. Users can easily download and install the app and enjoy sharing game expriences with players worldwide.


EGG-3DS 6 features

EGG-3DS offers unique product capabilities on iOS.
1. Quick and convenient installation
2. Powerful performance and smooth experience
3. The screen is clear and not stuck
4. Mobile cloud saves
5. Support custom layout
6. Humanized touch screen operation

Quick installation

No need to jailbreak your phone, no need to connect to the computer to enable JIT function, download and install directly to enjoy the gaming experience! There are thousands of 3DS games shared by players from all over the world, sharing pure gaming fun together.

Powerful performance

EGG-3DS boasts the most powerful performance currently available, allowing 3DS masterpieces to run on the iPhone with frame rates reaching hundreds of FPS, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.running on the iPhone, making it perfect for playing with 3DS masterpieces.

Humanized touch screen operation

A concise and clear user interface that doesn’t interfere with screen taps, making it incredibly user-friendly! You can play without a gamepad!

smooth graphics

On EGG-3DS, you can perfectly adjust the game resolution, reaching up to 3 times the original resolution of 1200 * 720, giving old games a renewed visual brilliance!

Mobile cloud saves

Worried about losing the save after changing your phone, will the game progress start all over again? EGG-3DS has now achieved cloud archiving, so there’s no need to worry about archive loss anymore!

Support for custom layout

EGG-3DS can freely adjust the touch screen and display screen size, making it more convenient for you to operate! You can also customize touch screen buttons to truly unleash your supernatural operations!

About NXTeam

EGG-3DS was developed by NXTeam Studios in the United States,and now has been officially launched after two years of development.

Let’s get started now~

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